Privacy Statement for App Using Ads

This app collects your personal data. Ahola Development does not collect your personal data but the used ad framework (Google AdMob) does.

This app is free. Ahola Development gets revenue from advertisements shown in the app. This app uses Google AdMob for advertisement. There is also build in ads of other Ahola Development's products that do not track you when shown. Ahola Developments gets statistical information from Google about the shown Google AdMob ads but your personal information is not revealed to Ahola Development.

AdMob framework used in the app is made publicly available by Google. Google informs that the following personal data and tracking of data is used:

When you visit this web site your page views are statistically analyzer but your personal information is not collected or saved.

When you download our software from Apple App Store your data is handled by Apple. Apple does not make your personal data available to Ahola Development. Your downloads are handled by Apple. Apple reports to Ahola Development only the number of downloads and possible error reports without possibility to connect that information to any individual customer.

Our software downloaded from Apple App Store does not contact our servers (they do not ”call home”). Our software only contact Apple with Apple provided routines to manage content you may want to or have purchased.

Ahola Development does not handle your payment transactions.

Ahola Development does not collect your credit card information.

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