Silver Black And White Camera

Silver Black And White Camera for Apple iPhone and iPad devices. Available from App Store on your device.

With Silver B&W Camera you can take black and white photos the way you want. You have great options to adjust the photos just you want them to look.

Free download. Offers In-App Purchases

About In-App Purchases

This app is free to download since version 5.0. Offers In-App purchases.

All users have access to all features of the Silver B&W Camera app. If you have downloaded free version you will be shown ads. Ads can be built-in ads or downloaded from Google AdMob service.

You can use in-app purchase to remove ads permanently from the camera view screen.

If you have previously purchased payed version or made in-app purchase ads are permanently removed from the camera view screen and no additional purchase is required.

App Description

Color and black & white camera app with RAW and manual control support for every photography enthusiastic. You can take great B&W photos where color is transformed to grayscale just the way you want. And you can take great color photos — even in RAW or ProRAW format and you can control the camera with manual focus and exposure settings.

Color adjustment sliders for B&W transformation and quick access mode buttons are shown on screen alongside preview window. After settings are selected preview window can be expanded to full screen for better viewing if so desired.

Great photo features include

Also great video features


Your download was limited FREE version and to get all features you need to make in app purchase if not done so already. This applies only to users who originally first downloaded versio 2.0 to 3.1.4.

All other users (original first download was version 1.0 to 1.0.2 or 4.0 to 4.0.1) have automatically access to all features and do not need to make any additional purchases.

In all circumstances you only need to make one single payment. Either to buy the full app or to make in app purchase.

You can check your purchase status by going to Settings and there to About page. Status: Full Version OK indicates you have all features activated.

The original first downloaded version is recorded by App Store for your Apple account.

(*) Actual available setting is depending on a device capabilities and selected combination of settings. For example cinematic stabilization mode may not be usable or available. Mismatching settings are downscaled to best available device capability.
4K video mode is available on iPhone 11 and newer models (also new iPad models). Frame dropouts are possible as 4K processing may exceed processor capability on older models. Also frame rate is limited to max 30 fps on 4K video.
HEVC video mode requires supported device.

(**) HEIC and ProRAW requires supported device otherwise feature can not be used.

Download here

Free download. Offers In-App Purchases

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